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With an extensive selection of Oriental rugs including Bijar rugs, Kazak rugs, Heriz rugs, Kashan rugs, Gabbeh rugs, Kashkuli rugs, and Tabriz Rugs rugs,
we can help you find a rug that you will enjoy for years to come.
In addition to those rugs, we have the nation's largest selection of Bijar Rugs. With purchasing agents in Iran 365 days a year,
we can obtain nearly anything to match your taste. Some of our styles include floral, medallion with floral themes, geometric, medallion with geometric themes,
medallion with open field, oriental prayer rugs, animal rugs, and scenic rugs.

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Oriental Rugs

Our Oriental rugs are handmade and tightly woven unlike replicas found on other websites our oriental rugs last generations and have more vivid colors and exude quality that collectors are looking for when purchasing handmade Oriental Rugs. These are meant to last for generations and we stand by that. In fact we have never seen one of our oriental rugs go down in value ever. If you want any oriental rugs which will add beauty and functionality to your home and will last for years, please take a look at our handmade rugs collection. We have been in the Oriental Rugs business for over 40 years, we have the expertise, resources and experience to be your oriental rug store you depend on for your floors. Let us help you find a handmade oriental rug which you will enjoy for years to come.Some of the types of Oriental rugs you will find in our galleries are:

Gabbeh Rugs | Oriental Rugs

Gabbeh rugs have become one of the most sought after of the persian rugs. These quality handmade rugs are very popular and have a organic and natural look. Gabbeh rugs are tribal rugs, often made for the personal use of the maker, although obviously some are sold so consumers can find a selection of them on our site. These handcrafted rugs usually have a thicker pile and lower knot density. The shapes and overall pattern of these rugs is geometric, although in many cases the rug design tell a story or depicts a special event. Many beautiful and heirloom quality Gabbeh rugs can be found in the Gabbeh rug gallery of http://www.persianbijar.com.

Persian Rugs | Oriental Rugs

Persian rugs are both beautiful and sought after, however many people and collectors of fine persian rugs such as the renowned Bijar Rugs, are not able to find the selection that are looking for in their local area. This is due to the small number of quality persian rugs like the famous Bijar rugs or "Bidjar rugs" or the fantastic persian tribal rug like the Gabbeh. If you can't find rugs locally, you have the option of purchasing these rugs online. The issue in this case is getting a good feel for the rug you are viewing on your computer. You are purchasing this rug for your home and you want to get a good visual representation with multiple views as well as get quality information about the style of persian rug ( Bijar, Trabriz, Heriz, etc) and it's details. You should come away from your experience understanding the rug you are buying, as well as a good idea of how beautiful the persian rugs will look in your home or business.

Iranian Rugs

Iranian rugs last lifetimes and are often passed down from generation to generation. When you are looking for an Iranian rug, make sure you are buying a rug made by a master weaver and not a machine made rug.These iron rugs of persia come in many designs from floral to geometric to styles which tell the stories of these historically tribal and nomadic people. Iranian rugs are most commonly known as persian rugs but many of them are named after the community in which they are woven, such a Bijar rugs, Kazak, Heriz, Kashan, Gabeh, Kashkuli, and Tabriz Rugs.

Oriental and handmade rugs recent testimonials

Highest compliments to Albert Borokim for his thoughtful and persistent handling of a large oriental rug acress thousands of miles! His website's rugs gallery helped us find the right style and size for our home. His trust, explanation and patience made me think of the "good old days" when people sealed deals with a handshake and both walked away winners. The thickness and colors of our new Kashan rug are what had hoped for, turning our living room into a cozy and classy plane, while providing a soft landing for our just-learning-to-walk grandaby. Best wishes Wendy
In purchasing our persian Bijar through your website, we relied as much on the assurances by Albert Borokhim regarding its unusual beauty and quality as we did on the photos he provided (which he sent us many additional photos on our request). We are definitely not disappointed. The bijar rugs was as much a work of art as the paintings on our walls. Thank you Barry

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