Bijar Rugs

Persian rugs are both beautiful and sought after, however many people and collectors of fine Persian rugs such as the renowned Bijar Rugs, are unable to find the selection they are looking for in their local area. This is due to the small number of quality Persian rugs like the famous Bijar rugs or “Bidjar rugs”, or the fantastic Persian tribal rug like the Gabbeh. If you can’t find rugs locally, you have the option of purchasing these rugs online. The issue in this case is getting a good feel for the rug you are viewing on your computer. You are purchasing this rug for your home and you want to get a good visual representation with multiple views as well as get quality information about the style of Persian rug ( Bijar, Trabriz, Heriz, etc.) and its details. You should come away from your experience understanding the rug you are buying, as well as getting a good idea of how beautiful the Persian rugs will look in your home or business.

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