Best Persian Rugs Buying in 2021

From the moment you walk into your favorite Persian rugs store, you’ll experience thousands of fascinating, uniquely designed Persian rugs. From rugs that tell fascinating love stories, religious-themed rugs, to rugs depicting superstition and battle experiences, the list is endless!

As you absorb each pattern and feel the smooth wool, the biggest dilemma remains: “how will I know the best Persian rugs to buy?

Well, in this guide, we’ll help you know the best Persian rugs to buy in 2021.

How to Tell if a Persian Rug is Authentic

#1. Consider the Material

Every authentic Persian rug is made using natural materials usually wool, cotton, or silk. Any rug made from manmade materials is not an authentic Persian rug.

#2. Flip the Rugs

By checking the underside of the rug, you can easily notice any imperfect knotting. All authentic Persian rugs have imperfect knotting as they are handmade.

If the knotting is perfect, this is a machine-made rug.

#3. Consider the Fringe

If the rug has fringes, check very closely. An authentic Persian rug should have fringes that are naturally an extension. But if the fringes look like they are sewn/ glued on, this is a machine-made rug.

#4. Get Professional Advice

When you buy your Persian rugs from the best Persian rugs shop, you’ll enjoy professional advice on your purchase. And because the shop only stocks top-quality rugs, you can never go wrong with your choices.

How Know the Right Persian Rugs Size to Buy

Do you know the actual size of your living room or kitchen? Well, this is the first consideration when buying your living room rug. A rug that is smaller or bigger than your space will ruin the entire look.

If the rug is too small, your space will appear smaller and if bigger, your space will appear stuffy.

Here are some important considerations when deciding on your living room Persian rugs:

  • Will the rug go under the couches or only under my coffee table?
  • Will the rug only go under the front couch legs or even the back legs?
  • Do I need a Persian rug that covers the entire living room?
  • Will the rest of the furniture be off the rug?
  • Will the rug suit the style of my living room?

6’ X 9 Persian Rugs

If you only need the rug to cover the center of your living room, leaving the chairs off the rug, this is a perfect choice.

8’ X 10’ Rugs

This is ideal if you only need your rug to be at the center of your living room, under the coffee table, and with the couches partially on your rug. The front legs of your couches will be on the rug whereas the rear legs will not.

Please Note:

A rug that has a thin placement is ideal since it’ll keep the chairs steady even with some legs off the rug.

9’ X 12’ Rugs

Do you wish to place the couches entirely on the Persian rugs? Or maybe you want the exterior edges to be at level with the rug edges?

Get a 9’ X 12’ rug for your kitchen, dining area, or lounge.

10’ X 14’ Rugs

If you need a truly magnificent Persian rug with intricately made borders, choose one of 10’ X 14’ rugs. With this, a large part of the borders will show through, making your home look classier.

Remember, since this rug will cover your entire living room space, ensure that you get the size right. If your space is bigger, you can buy bigger rugs of 12’ X 18’.

Best Persian Rugs to Buy

Bihar Rugs,ret_img/http:/

Known for their unique construction style and distinctive weight, Bihar rugs are a favorite to many homeowners and businesses. These Persian rugs are quite tough and compact, making them ideal for heavy and medium-traffic areas.

Even better, these rugs last for many years without losing their appeal which makes them very affordable long term.

Key Highlights

  • Durable
  • Tough and compact
  • Available in diverse shapes, sizes, and colors
  • More affordable considering that they last for many years

Whether you want the newest Persian rugs, cheapest Persian rugs, or small Bihar rugs, shop now.

Heriz Rugs,ret_img/http:/

Available in geometric, bolder patterns, Heriz rugs have a huge medallion crisply placed in a heavy red, rusty, or blue field. These Persian rugs provide a home-like environment while depicting class and uniqueness.

Key Highlights

  • Available in diverse sizes including 3’ x 5’, 4’ x 6’, 4’ x 7’, 6’ x 9’, 7’ x 8’, 7’ x 10’, and 9’x 13’.
  • Heavier especially for the larger sizes
  • Longer piles
  • Have a modern cotton base combined with wool pile
  • The rugs are made using darker colors though the color diversity is limited
  • Available in rectangular and square shapes
  • Most Heriz rugs have a geometrical shape with a huge medallion at the center

Shop now from a wide range of Heriz Persian rugs at Borokhim’s Oriental Rugs.

Tabriz Rugs,ret_img/http:/

Are you searching for rugs with outstanding quality, durable, and unique designs? Well, Tabriz rugs offer you diverse designs from floral, medallion, to three-dimensional rugs, you’ll love the artistic skills demonstrated in every piece.

Key Features

  • Soft, silky finish making it ideal for any type of floor
  • Flawless, highly elaborate designs
  • Wide range of unique designs
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Durable Persian rugs that will look and feel good for many years

Popular Tabriz Rugs Designs

  • Medallions
  • Flowers
  • Hunting scenes
  • Pictorial rugs
  • Garden scene rugs
  • And more. Please check out some of the best Tabriz rugs to buy here.

Kashan Rugs,ret_img/http:/

Kashan Persian rugs stand out for their outstanding beauty, making them a top choice for most rug lovers. The rugs will not only enlighten your space but also make an amazing conversation starter.

Key Highlights

  • Asymmetrical Farsi knots especially when looking from the back
  • Deeper, richer color combinations including blue, red, and ivory
  • Most are made from wool and cotton but you’ll find a few variations of silk highlights
  • Heavy in weight with the bigger ones weighing up to 24 pounds
  • Extremely durable

Kazak Rugs,ret_img/http:/

While making each rug, Kazak weavers went the extra mile to ensure that each piece upholds the original color, style, and design. Also, the creating techniques ensured that the rugs last for many years with no sign of wear or exposure.

The wool used in making the rugs is dyed in vegetable dyes, giving them a more dramatic, vibrant appearance. Even better, you can choose from colors like black, white, red, and grey, whichever suits your space.

Key Highlights

  • More traditional, stylish designs
  • Soft, gentle finish that gives your home a more stylish look
  • Excellent woolen material making it ideal for high traffic areas

To learn more about Kazak Persian rugs, please check out our selection here.

Runners Rugs,ret_img/http:/

Besides being rectangular in shape, longer, and narrower, runners rugs offer a one-of-a-kind color and design. The rugs are made using natural materials including wool, cotton, and silk. 

And to make each piece stand out, the dyes for the rugs are made from multiple plant parts.

Key Highlights

  • Rectangular shape making them appear thinner and longer.
  • Available in multiple colors that will turn your space from dull to lively
  • Soft finish making it comfortable to walk on
  • Durable
  • More affordable compared to other Persian rugs.

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Persian Rugs FAQs

What should I look for when buying a Persian rug?

  • Check the material: an authentic rug is either made from wool, silk, or cotton
  • Ensure that the colors are sourced from plants, insects, or other natural sources
  • Consider the size so you buy one that perfectly fits your space
  • Set your budget
  • Consider how you’ll use your space. If you’ll place the rug in high traffic areas, buy the more durable rugs.
  • Check the pattern to ensure that your rug matches the style and design of your home.

How can I tell if a Persian rug is authentic?

  • Check the knots by flipping the rug back. If the knots are symmetrical, the rug is not a genuine handmade Persian rug.
  • Check whether the fringe was made during the creation process or attached afterward. A genuine Persian rug should have the fringe as part of the rug and if not, it is a fake.
  • Consider the material: all genuine Persian rugs are made using natural materials including wool, cotton, and silk. If you find one made using synthetic materials, it is not authentic.

How should I care for my Persian rug to make it last longer?

Vacuum regularly

This will help to get rid of all dirt, dust, and pet hair so you can maintain the original shine of your rug.

Rotate regularly

When you rotate your rug after every 2- 3 months, you’ll ensure that all parts wear evenly.  The rug will also have a more uniform look, making it maintain its appearance and appeal.

Spot Clean

If you notice any stain on a section of the rug, clean it immediately. Leaving spills or other forms of stains for longer will damage the rug’s fibers.

If water is not enough to remove the stain, consult a professional rug cleaner to effectively clean your rug.

Change Pathways

Just like rotation, changing the pathway to different rooms in your home will prevent uneven wear. even better, your oriental rug will last longer without losing its appeal.

How much do Persian rugs cost?

This depends on various factors including:

  • Complexity of the structure, style, and design
  • Size of the rugs
  • Materials used in making the rugs
  • Artistic value

Where Can I Buy the Best Persian Rugs?

Now that you know what to look for in a Persian rug, here comes the biggest dilemma… which is the best Persian rugs shop?

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Do I Need Rug Pads?

If you’ll use your Persian rugs in high-traffic areas, ensure that you get some good rug pads underneath. These will keep the sensitive rug knots secure, provide extra padding, and give your Persian rug more warmth.

Even better, your rug will last longer no matter how heavy the foot traffic is. Let’s check out more reasons why you need rug pads:

#1. Prolong the Rug’s Lifespan

With a good rug pad, you’ll protect your rug from wearing as it absorbs the impact of heavy traffic. When stepped on the pad bounces back, thereby taking the strain off your rug.

#2. Keep the Floor Safe

If your floor is made using hardwood, the rough rug backing may cause scratches. The color on the rug may also transfer to the floor, making it lose its original appeal.

With rug pads, it’ll provide a protective barrier to your floor.

#3. Prevent Slipping

Because the pad will keep your rug flat and in place, your home will be safer especially with kids running around.

Time to Buy the Best Persian Rug Pads

Now that you know what to look for in a Persian rug, it is time to make your purchase. And with Borokhim’s Oriental Rugs offering you the best options for Persian rugs for sale you can never go wrong!