Oriental Rugs Buying Guide in 2021

Are you searching for the best oriental rugs? Find out how to buy top-quality Oriental Rugs at reasonable prices.

Through this guide, we’ll help you discover more about the history of oriental rugs and why they are a must-have in your home or office. Even better, we want to ensure that you get the best value for your money with every purchase.

And if you want to discover the best oriental rugs to buy in 2021, this buying guide has all this and so much more!

How Can You Tell Good Quality Oriental Rugs

A major reason why most people make errors when buying oriental rugs is the inability to gauge the quality. They are not sure if they’ll get value for their money or end up getting ripped off.

In this guide, we’ll provide amazing tips on how to analyze oriental rugs so you can determine their quality:

Check the Materials

The quality of the silk, wool, or cotton used in making your rug determines how long it will last. For wool, the quality varies depending on the sheep breed, climate, pasture, and shearing time.


All authentic oriental rugs are made using natural dyes sourced from insects and plants. And unlike synthetic dyes that penetrate evenly, natural dyes only coat the surface.

A good quality rug has some unevenness in the dyeing which you can easily notice by bending the carpet and isolating some threads.

Check the Knots per Square Inch

Do you know that the knots in your rug determine how dense, durable, and appealing your rug is? Well, now you know!

The higher the number of knots, the better the quality. If the knots are fewer, the weave will be loose, making the rug less resistant to heavy traffic. 

Remember, the tighter the weave, the more durable your oriental rug is!

Consider the Details

A rug that has sharper patterns means that the weaver spent more time to make the best product. So, choose a rug that is more detailed as it is likely of the best quality.


Though the quality of the rug is not determined by the thickness, you need a rug with some body. This will allow it to withstand heavy traffic without losing its original appeal.

In some cases, the thinnest rugs are also the finest.

6 Tips for Buying Oriental Rugs

With so many types, designs, and colors of Oriental rug carpets, making the right choice can be overwhelming. This is why you need adequate knowledge so you can get the confidence you need to make the right choices.

Here at Borokhim’s Oriental Rugs, we are happy to offer you great tips to help you buy the best oriental rugs.

#6. Feel the Rug

Like everything else around you, it is when you touch the Oriental rug that you get the real feeling. As you handle it, you’ll be able to check the knots, material, and even the origin.

Handling the rug will also allow you to check if it is authentic and one that will offer value for your money.

#5. Seek Professional Opinion

With many years of experience, the attendant in your favorite oriental rugs shop knows everything about rugs. Whether you need info about the design, quality, dyeing process, or origin, you’ll get authentic details.

Even better you’ll receive proper guidance so you can buy rugs that perfectly suit your space.

#4. Consider the Colors

All authentic oriental rugs are colored using natural dyes sourced from plants and animals. Instead of wearing out as a result of prolonged use, the colors only get better.

Though the colors may be uneven due to various factors, the difference only makes the rugs more appealing. On the other hand, if synthetic colors are used, the colors will be consistent but may not last very long.

#3. Know the Origin

Most oriental rugs vary in design, make, and style depending on their source. Look for rugs sourced from Iran, Pakistan, Romania, and Turkey as they are better in quality. (Rugs from Iran tops the list of the best oriental rugs to buy).

#2. Check the Material and the Knots

Because the material used to make your rug determines its longevity, never overlook this detail. Look for handmade rugs made using wool, cotton, and silk as these last for many years.

Don’t forget to check how tight the knots are as this will determine how durable the rug is.

#1. Consider Your Budget

You need to know how much you’ve set aside to buy your oriental rugs. If you’re working on a budget, go for the more affordable options that cost as little as $250.

But if the cost is not a factor in your purchase, go for the highest quality rugs that will look good even after 100 years of continued use.

Best Oriental Rugs Online


Made originally in caucus, Kazak rugs were originally designed for use in palaces, palatial homes, and churches. The rugs we used to adorn walls, thrones, and as a floor covering in luxurious places.

And following this tradition, today’s Kazak rugs are of equally great quality and can withstand up to 50 years of use. Whether you prefer red, indigo blue, or ivory-colored Kazak rugs, you can find them in your favorite shop.

Key Highlights

  • Common patterns including medallion, rosette, diamond, cross, hooked polygon, bird, tree, and people.
  • Unique designs with large, bold geometrical compositions and tribal characters
  • Smaller in size compared to other oriental rugs
  • Durable making them perfect for high traffic areas
  • Medium thickness


Just like their city of origin, Isfahan rugs depict breathtaking beauty. The rug knitters we inspired by the mosque’s surroundings and the mosque’s tile pattern.

And to make them more durable, the luxurious Isfahan rags are made using the finest wool, cotton, and top-quality silk. Not forgetting the high-density knots and unique colors that make the rugs stand out.

If you are searching for a combination of excellence and luxury, Isfahan rugs are a perfect choice.

Key Highlights

  • Very beautiful and luxurious
  • High-density knots to make them last longer
  • Available in multiple sizes making the rugs ideal for any placement size
  • Ideal for dining area, living room, home office, bedroom, and kitchen
  • Unique hand-knotted construction using wool, silk, or cotton

Gabbeh, Modern Rugs

Gabbeh are among the coolest, most creative oriental rugs available in the market today. The rugs have a simple design, usually geometric and symbolic shapes.

And to give them a more bold and outstanding look, the rug knitters only use limited color combinations. Today, rug designers have made huge improvements by incorporating bolder colors and modern designs.

Also, more people can relate to the designs since most are inspired by the surroundings and everyday occurrences.

Key Highlights

  • Very basic patterns with minimal decorative objects
  • Most are made using bold, brighter colors including orange, red, rust, and yellow
  • Colors may vary as a result of dyes irregularities which creates a richer texture
  • Unequaled softness and natural shine 
  • Thick pile that makes the surface soft, comfortable, and warm


Are you searching for oriental rugs made from top-quality materials? You need rugs with unique designs and magnificent color combinations? 

You can get all this and more by buying Nain Oriental rugs. Though they closely resemble Isfahan rugs, these rugs have maintained their unique colors and design.

And depending on your preference, you can choose the medallion style, floral pattern, tendrils, or other mythical creature. You may also find human figures in some Nain rugs.


  • Available in blue, beige, brown, ivory, and gray colors. Occasionally, you can find green, yellow, or orange-colored Nain rugs.
  • High knot density making the rugs more durable and resistant to heavy traffic
  • Made using high-quality silk, wool, and cotton
  • Available in diverse sizes making them perfect for any space.


Qum oriental rugs are made from ultra-fine, natural silk, giving them a soft, shiny appearance. The rugs are available in light, soft colors usually red, brown, ivory, and blue. And on some designs, the weavers use black colors to highlight particular design elements.

Though these rugs are usually smaller in size, the highly decorative, elegant design makes them a favorite for most rug lovers.

Key Highlights

  • Very decorative and classy
  • Available in smaller sizes compared to other oriental rugs
  • More expensive because of the silk material used in making the rugs
  • High knot count making it more durable 
  • Available in light, soft colors making them stand out in any space

Oriental Rugs FAQs

How long do oriental rugs last?

With proper maintenance, oriental rugs can last for over 100 years.  The rugs are made using durable materials that will outlast many generations even in high-traffic places.

Can I clean my oriental rug?

Yes, you can. However, you will periodically need professional cleaning services, especially when then dirt and stain are intense.

Remember to use the right products when cleaning your oriental rug.

How much does Oriental rug cost?

This depends on several factors including:

  • Size
  • Design
  • Materials used in making the rugs

How do I determine the quality of oriental rugs?

Here are some things you should consider regarding quality:

  • Tightness of the knots
  • Quality of the materials used to make the rugs
  • Pile density; the denser the pile, the higher the quality

Why does my oriental rug have imperfections?

This is because most oriental rugs are handmade and therefore prone to errors. You may find variations in the patterns, color, or even size.

Having imperfections in your rug only means it is genuine which makes it even more valuable.

Do I really need to put pads under my rugs?

Yes. Having a pad under your rag will enhance its lifespan and also, absorb the stress of continued traffic. The pad will also hold the rug in place, therefore preventing slip and fall.

Even better, pads offer additional softness making the rug more comfortable to step on.

Why is the color of my oriental rug different yet I bought the same product?

This may result from varying wool quality and the dye used on the rag. In other instances, one part of the rug may be dyed earlier than the other bringing about the difference in color appearance.

Are Oriental Rugs Worth the Money in 2021

Oriental rugs can never get outdated. Instead, these rugs maintain their value and appeal up to 100 years after your purchase. 

However, it is important to remember that how well you take care of your rug will determine how long it will last. If you invest in professional cleaning and maintenance, the rug will offer you value for your money.

Here are some amazing tips to make your oriental rug worth your money:

Invest in Quality Pads

With a pad beneath your rug, you’ll keep it in shape and also, reduce the effect of high traffic. The pad will also prevent the rug from shifting especially when little kids are playing around the house.


To prevent the accumulation of dirt under the fiber, vacuum your rug regularly. Remember to use the right suction when vacuuming to prevent your rug from tearing.

Handle the Spills/ Stains Immediately

Whether you live alone or many, spills will happen at some time. You need to handle the spill as soon as possible to prevent further staining.

And if regular cleaning doesn’t get rid of the stain, seek professional rug cleaners to handle the cleaning.

Rotate the Rug

To prevent uneven wearing, rotate your rug periodically. For instance, the part that is more exposed to sunlight may fade faster if you don’t rotate the rug.

Similarly, places experiencing heavy traffic can wear out faster if you don’t keep rotating your oriental rug.

Shop Oriental Rugs

With so many oriental rugs online shops, knowing where to buy top-quality rugs is hard. Even harder, there are thousands of rug designs making it even harder to choose the right one for your home.

The solution… choosing an oriental rugs store with outstanding customer service that offers:

  • Diverse oriental rugs designs
  • Wide price range to suit your budget
  • Excellent customer service so you get help when you need it
  • Timely delivery of your order to your doorstep
  • Authentic handmade oriental rugs that will last for many years.
  • An ever-growing inventory of magnificent oriental rugs so that every client gets what he’s looking for.